Hello all. We regret to inform you that due to the spread of COVID-19, and the health risk it poses to the Oswego campus, we, with heavy hearts, are canceling ARCON 19.

We thought it best to make this call earlier than later, in order to allow those who have made plans to cancel them accordingly. Thank you to everyone who submitted a game this year, we hope to have you back in 2021.

We are working on plans for an “ARCON 19.5” of sorts over the summer, so please stay tuned for details. You can keep up with announcements on out Facebook and Discord.

Arcon is SUNY Oswego’s annual gaming convention organized by The Story Tellers’ Guild and co-sponsored by the Story Tellers’ Guild Alumni Association. It has been held in Oswego since 2002. The event is held in the school’s Marano Campus Center. Arcon is a multi-day event in which people gather to participate in role-playing games, card games, video games, board games, miniature games, LARPs, and all sorts of other types of gaming.

Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations please contact arcon.oswego [at] gmail.com.