Arcon 18 will be held April 5th – 7th, 2019

Arcon is SUNY Oswego’s annual gaming convention organized by The Story Tellers’ Guild and co-sponsored by the Story Tellers’ Guild Alumni Association. It has been held in Oswego for seventeen years. It is located in the school’s Marano Campus Center. A gaming convention is a multi-day event in which people gather to participate in roleplaying games, card games, video games, board games, miniature games, LARPs, and all sorts of other types of gaming.

Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations please contact

Schedule of Events

Visit here to see the schedule for the weekend. Click each slot to view the events happening at that time.


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Arcon is brought to you by the STG, the STGAA, and the SA of SUNY Oswego.