StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameEvent TypeSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensDescription
OPEN225Bad SMASH TournamentChynnaSmithVideo GameSwitch199NoneYesAre you bad at Super Smash Bros? Maybe you've picked up the controller before, but you can never figure out how to survive for more than 10 seconds. Or maybe you've simply watched from afar, failing to understand the chaotic mayhem that is happening on screen. I know I've been there.
If you have always wanted to learn how to play SMASH or simply not good at the game, I invite you to this Bad SMASH Tournament. It will be a casual get together of people who truly want to get better at the game. And if we think we're ready, we will have a friendly competition to showcase our new skills.
Let's enjoy this iconic and historical game in an unserious environment. And maybe, together, we will learn what the buttons do.

Please, no very experienced players unless you would like to be a helpful and positive coach. Thank you! 🙂
OPEN256End of Arcon Pandemic MarathonScottCharetteBoard Game/Card GamePandemic!3N/ANonen/aWant a good way to blow off some steam at he end of Arcon? How about losing at Pandemic repeatedly! Multiple versions of the popular cooperative board game will be available. Versions will include but are not limited to: Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Pandemic Iberia, Pandemic Contagion, and others. If you have a different version of Pandemic, feel free to bring that as well! (Not required of course)

Have a good time getting your but kicked by infectious disease (or other things) to end your Arcon! Have fun!
OPEN210Inquisitor's FateDavidLesserTabletop RPGDark Heresy46NoneYesYou are an acolyte of the the Imperial Inquisition. You have been tasked with the investigation of a deep undercover Inquisitor who has turned up dead on the Hive World of Infernum Secundus, with little to no leads as to what they were investigating or who killed them. With your own skills, and those of your fellow acolytes, it is your duty to uncover what it is that the Inquisitor was investigating, as well as who killed them. You must retrace the inquisitors steps, by any means necessary, even through means that others would consider unnatural. The fate of billions may rest on your success.
OPEN208Sea of Lethe: ContinuedJessicaMillerLARPHome brew1025NoneYesYou awaken, surrounded by wooden crates. Around you, the creaking groan of metal, and the steady splashing of water inform you that you have found yourself on a boat.

With no memory of your life, who you are, or how you got there, gods know why.

This LARP will contain violence, body horror, and general chaos and calamity. Please be aware of this.
OPEN232Various CardsCyrusClarkBoard Game/Card Game052Nonen/aHey, y'all! I just want to play a bunch of different card games! Everything from Egyptian Rat Screw, to BS, to War, you name it! Come play cards, and stuff.
FULL231Monks and Masters: A Kung Fu ComedyPrestonCantyTabletop RPG5e Dungeons and Dragons45SomeYesA one shot DnD game with a twist: the party is in a cheesy Kung Fu movie! Starting as a group of monks they must avenge their fallen master by defeating the local lord that killed him. However there will be peculiar obstacles along the way, as this adventure has a low budget. Lousy special effects, editing issues, and hokey dialogue will either help or hinder the adventurers. Bring some dice and a sense of humor as you play through Monks and Masters!