StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensEvent Description
OPEN208Affliction: Salem 1692
Board Game/Card Game
14Nonen/aAffliction is a historically accurate low luck game about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Players represent a faction within the town or village of Salem. Influence is used to bring colonists into the faction, ask the Governor for protection, have the Magistrate arrest those you accuse, or to encourage Cotton Mather to spread suspicion. Affliction is a highly interactive worker placement game with an engine building and engine disruption mechanic.

Affliction: Salem 1692 has received fantastic National reviews.
Board Game/Card Game
Avalon49Nonen/aA spin-off of the popular game Resistance, you and your fellow players will be taking on the role of King Arthur’s knights as you quest in his name. However some among your number are agents of the villainous Mordred, which must sabotage the rest of the knights to win for evil. Players will have to deduce the identities of and avoid the plotting by these agents to complete their quests and win. Some agents and knights will have special roles that give them unique abilities to help their side. No experience required and difficulty for either team can be adjusted for varied gameplay!
Board Game/Card Game
Funemployed38Nonen/aDo you have the skills for the job? Or can bullshit your way to it. Build the "perfect" resume for a wide variety of jobs. From Drag Queen to Secret Agent, collect as many positions as you can. But don't forget, the employer does do research. This card game is "similar" to CAH.
OPEN225Smash Ultimate TournamentBrian
Video Game
Nintendo Switch
826Nonen/aEsports Association are invading Arcon with Smashing results. We are hosting a Smash Ultimate tournament for bragging rights. Depending on the turnout we could do 1v1 or FFA. There will also be Tespa items (our sponsor for our other tournaments) that will we be giving away. We hope to see you guys join us.
OPEN232Teletubies Vs. Carebears
Tabletop RPG
World of Darkness
310NoneNoTeam up with your fellow Teletubbies to fight the evil Carebears and save your world from utter destruction. With little planning expect chaos, fun, tubby custard and who knows what else.
OPEN306Totally not a Monty Python RPG part 2
Tabletop RPG
A mess of stuff who even knows homebrew
310NoneNoDo you like Monty Python? Life of Brian? Holy Grail? The goshdarn dead parrot skit? Join for tomfoolery and fun as we adventure on our coconut steeds through medieval(?) somewhere?

The system is made up. The rules don’t matter. And who even knows what’s gonna happen?
FULL256The Larjrok Tournament
Tabletop RPG
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
26SomeYesThe King of Larjrok has decided to throw a tournament for his engagement party. He promises that the winners of this tournament will be given riches beyond their wildest dreams. In this adventure, you will need to bring all your cunning and strength in order to come out victorious. But will the victory be all you dreamed it would be? There's only one way to find out.