StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensEvent Description
OPEN142Deep Decks 9KatelynnMorehouseTabletop RPGStar Trek Adventures 2d20 system36NoneYesThis game will present a lower decks episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Senior officers are off in the Gamma Quadrant, getting into their usual shenanigans. Our lower decks characters will be keeping an eye on the space station, but what will happen when two new species come through the wormhole to make first contact? Conflict? Diplomacy? Who knows, come play to find out.

Game Play rules will be provided.
OPEN210Is This a JoJo Reference?WilliamCorsiTabletop RPGChampions RPG28SomeNoIt is. You're new stand users and have been recruited by the SpeedWagon Organization; huge pockets of stand energy are being detected all across the globe and whenever anyone else attempts to investigate it they wind up dead. You're job is to travel the world, investigate the source of these Dire Straitz, defeat any renegade stand users that you encounter, and find the source of this menacing presence. Shine on you Crazy Diamonds!
OPEN231sCaRy MoViEBrettFrainTabletop RPGCthulhu 7th Ed.37SomeYes Take on the role of classic horror movie victim stereotypes in this Cthulhu twist on a classic horror film. 👊👊🎭🚁🐩
Silence in the ScriptoriumCarcosaCreationsLARPCarcosa Creations System1020NoneYesIn the Dark Ages, the monks of St. Lawrence monastery keep the light of learning and scholarship alive. Travelers from far and wide come to use the monastery's vast library and take advantage of its skilled copyists. Like many ancient monasteries, St. Lawrence's has its own ghost, but amidst scholars, travelers, mystics and monks, murder stalks the halls. With the eyes of the Inquisition fixed on St. Lawrence, the monks and their guests must unravel the secrets of magic and murder before the horrors that stalk the halls claim them too.
OPEN232Star Wars Grande Heist!AaronSweeneyTabletop RPGStar Wars Saga Edition24NoneYesWhat happens when one of the most brilliant generals of the Rebellion plans out a con job on one of the remnant's biggest casinos? Star Wars Grande Heist! Assume the role on the team of ragtag nobodies whom the General has called upon to get this job done!
OPENAtriumThe Gate of R'lyehDanHundyczBoard Game/Card GameThe Gate of R'lyeh48Nonen/aThe Gate of R’lyeh: a deduction game of cosmic horror. (1 hour)
As specialists from the Department of Paranormal Investigations, you have been sent to perform incantations to create four sigils and reinforce the cosmic gate. You must be confident that you are combining the proper components, but be warned, delving into the occult is certain to affect you and your colleague’s sanity.

Cultists are sure to be aware of your plans by now and are secretly plotting to thwart them. The clock is ticking and time is running short. Stop the cultists - create the sigils - secure the gate - save humanity. That is your mission ... at the Gate of R'yleh.

More Info at
OPEN208Whispers on the WindKarenSchmittTabletop RPGHunter: the Reckoning36NoneYesStrange voices at night. A family heirloom. The Salem Witch Trials. What do these three things have in common? Something that, truth be told, you're getting sick of.

You and your fellow players are college students in a town in upstate New York. It's been months since the incident with the werewolf and the car bumpers, and you are celebrating your summer vacation with a road trip around the state. It's too bad that your friends didn't quite get that "celebration" memo, though, because it seems like one of them wants your help figuring out what kind of creature is making those chilling sounds at night near her grandparents' house...

Returning players can contact me at to determine prior XP and other character-related items. Your previous characters with me are valid here!
FULL256Wrestravaganza IVPeteSterpeTabletop RPGWorld-Wide Wrestling RPG26NoneYesWorld-Wide Wrestling RPG is a narrative game of pro-wrestling action. You play as classic wrestling archetypes battling it out for the gold. The stories might be scripted but the action is real! The players play out their wrestlers as they participate in these segments, but they have agency to pursue their own agendas and "swerve" what Creative has in mind. Pre-generated characters will be provided.