StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensDescription
OPEN20818th Annual Classic Battletech Tech ExpoBobDeLongMiniaturesClassic Battletech37SomeYesCome one! Come all! Come to the 18th Annual Solaris VII Tech Expo! Witness combat trials between 2-mech teams representing all five of the Great Houses, and reps from some other factors. Who will win? Who will lose? Who might die? On Solaris VII, life IS a game!
OPEN210Fun D&D times with WebbyBrandonWebbTabletop RPGDungeons and Dragons 5e412SomeNoCome slay a dragon, do a dungeon dive, participate in a drinking contest!! This imaginary world is your oyster!! Possible one shots include:
-Slaying a ...
-Terrors of the Underdark
-Dungeon dive
-City festival
Come with something in mind and I'll go from there!
OPEN231Let's Write a FanficWilliamCorsiOther/Special EventMicrosoft Word112Somen/aOur name is Legion and we like fanfics. We'll be writing a short fanfic together in a round robin type style, taking suggestions from everyone in the group to create a (hopefully) cohesive story about whatever you want it to be about. Bring an open and creative mind and I hope to write a story with you all soon.
OPEN232TablemasterLouiseStahlBoard Game/Card Game24Nonen/aTablefighter is a new game, it has a YouTube video and a website, and will have a kickstarter beginning on March 15.
FULL322Cameron Kills People Playing The Dark Souls BoardgameCameronDrummondBoard Game/Card Game14Nonen/aYou and whoever signs up for this mess will play the DarkSouls Boardgame. If we don't have enough players I will join the party, but otherwise, I'll be your enemy.
Prepare To Die
FULL256Choose(ish) Your Own Old-School AdventureScottCharetteTabletop RPGAdvanced Dungeons And Dragons 2nd Edition46NoneYesEver wondered what D&D was like in the old days? Ever wondered where some of the famous tropes of gaming came from? Have you ever thought that D&D needed more useless charts? WELL THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!

I have gained access to several old school modules, some of which are still in the original packaging! Before game we as a party will pick a module based only on the description provided and go in completely blind (This includes the DM)! Not familiar with 2nd Ed AD&D? NO PROBLEM! At level pre-gens will be provided, and both the DM and fellow experienced players will help explain the rules and mechanics all through out the game! Afterall, the game is hard enough when you do know the rules! Will you get murdered? Probably, BUT YOU'LL HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Come play Choose(ish) Your Own Adventure, and never complain about your modern RPG system ever again! HAVE FUN!
FULL323Goblin Oregon TrailPrestonCantyTabletop RPGPathfinder46ModerateYesGet ready to pack your looting bags and hit the trail! As a party of low level goblins you’ll attempt to reach a kingdom recently sacked by your friends and the warlord they serve. As you make your way towards gold and glory the game becomes a fight for survival as many pregens will be provided to each player due to the high lethality of hazards. Those that survive will get a bigger cut of loot so sometimes it may help to let your buddy fall off that cliff... or will you all band together and make it out as one?
FULL306Usurp the KingDanielHundyczBoard Game/Card GameUsurp the King15Nonen/aThe King may be in trouble. The court that surrounds him contains subjects who seek power. Each player represents a family that will vie for control over subjects. Featuring seven victory conditions the path to victory may shift as you gain more information about each subject’s motives and those of the other families. Your allegiances will twist and change based on your interests. The subjects are but pawns.

The game is played over two phases: Intrigue and Rebellion. Your actions will determine if the King remains in power, the Usurper takes over, the Heir inherits the crown, the Illegitimate child takes the seat or if the end result is anarchy.

This game has yet to be released.