StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperience PregensDescription
OPEN210Card Game CongregationTiffanyBaezBoard Game/Card GameMultiple230Nonen/aCome and play some TCGs and other card-related games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Cards Against Humanity, Unstable Unicorns, and more! Bring your own or play some of the games provided. This will be a great chance to duel, trade, play, and learn. Feel free to stop on by even if you're not signed up, and pop in and out of the event as desired. Card games, babey!!!!!!!!!
OPEN231Classic Battletech Trial of PositionBobDeLongMiniaturesClassic Battletech26SomeYesA great warrior has fallen, and a new Star Colonel has to be found for Gamma Galaxy. Will you have the skill and ability to fight in the Grand Melee, besting all your other fellow challengers, for the title of Star Colonel of Gamma Galaxy, and assure that your gifttake will be used to make the next generation of great clan warriors? Be forewarned, Level 1 honor rules will be in effect for this challenge. May the best warrior bring honor to the clan!
OPEN232Manifest Domain LARP panelAlexanderDeerkopLARP250NoneYesCome and learn about boffer larps, boffer combat games and a local larp in particular. Boffer props and practice will be available! Event attendance will yield experience for game.
OPEN225Mario KartShaneRosalesVideo GameNintendo Switch420Nonen/aA small Mario Kart tournament being run by the Oswego Esports Association. We will be playing for fun and bragging right. Come out and race to your hearts content.
OPEN256Nerdy KahootJessicaMillerOther/Special EventKahoot330Nonen/aIt's fun, the theme song slaps, and it's full of nerdy trivia, ranging from Sonic to Lord of the Rings. If you think you're and expert on all things nerd, join us in testing your skills.

There may be a prize for the winner.
OPEN322Pokemon...YesCameronDrummondOther/Special EventAll1Moderaten/aCome over and we will play any Pokemon thing you want. We can talk about the new games or whatever. This will be a very relaxed Pokemon experience. I will try to accommodate for all types of play.
OPEN323The Crumbling GuildpactChrisBriggsTabletop RPGDungeons & Dragons 5E47SomeYesTo Whom It May Concern,

You have been called upon because you understand the importance of the Guildpact. I believe it is being actively undermined for reasons unknown. There have been too many moves of political power, too many upheavals, in too short a time. It is imperative that we get to the bottom of what is truly happening to Ravnica and, if at all possible, put an end to it.

-Lavinia, Deputy of the Office of the Guildpact
OPEN306WerewolfBrettFrainBoard Game/Card GameWerewolf769NoneYesYell amongst yourselves and decide who is friend or foe in this tense game of survival and deception. 🐺🐺🐺
FULL20820th levelPaulPhippsTabletop RPGDND 5e36ExpertYes(Pre gens will be provided but you can also bring in your own 20th level character)

You have spent many years getting to this point and have finally made it to level 20. But now you have managed to fight your way to the lich Sizred's lair now you must fight your way inside to finally at last put an end to this war.