Slot 1 – Friday 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Game StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensGame Description
OPEN211Battle of a BandJessBurgosTabletop RPG46SomeNoA heavy metal band gets transported to a fantasy world with all their equipment. Each player has an instrument that doubles as a weapon. Fight to make your way back home!
FULL232Civilization IV Space RaceGirardBaileyVideo Game48SomeNoTo fit with Arcon XVII's Space Theme, this game will only use the space victory- all other methods of winning the game will be disabled. Players do not need to own the game or bring their own computers, as hotseat multiplayer will be used. Players will roll before beginning to determine turn order and priority for picking a civilization.
OPENAuditoriumCome Onand Slam, and Darth Vader is my Dad!ChynnaSmtihOther199NoneYesIn a galaxy far far away, Michael Jordan fights to save the Looniverse in the one way he knows how, basketball!!!!That's right, Star Wars episode 4 and Space Jam. We're watching them. I've never seen them, and I want to. On this Arcon day, I would like to finally expose myself to these action packed, funny, tragic, memorable and space themed films!!!!! So come and join me for my first experience of these iconic movies. It will be a great time! 😀
OPENAtriumTarot ReadingsKagaSzyszkowskiOtherNoneNoAn Arcon tradition continues! Come see me, Kaga, and have your fortune read! OR just look at the cards and appreciate the pretty artwork with me! That's fine too! I have several decks to choose from, including several fandom-themed decks (specifically Homestuck, Night Vale, and Death Note) if you're a fan of any of those series! (All the decks contain the same 78 cards and therefore tell the same fortunes, they just have different pretty art to look at.) You don't have to be a ~spiritual person~ to get some enjoyment (and possibly even some introspection) out of a tarot reading or two. So come on down! I look forward to seeing you there!
OPEN210Werewolf LARPTiffanyBaezLARP675SomeYesThere's a festival in our lovely (currently unnamed) town, and people are coming in to celebrate. But later that night someone turns up dead. The cause: werewolves. The town is thrown into a lynching frenzy, trying to eliminate the werewolves from there humble town. This game will essentially play like normal Werewolf, but with a special live-action aspect to it. It'll be a good time!
FULL208Jenga TournamentWilliamMcCarrickOtherJenga312NoneNoThis is a Jenga tournament. We're gonna play some Jenga. The winner will receive Jenga. Surprise!
FULL231Totaly Not a Monty Python RPGJessicaMillerTabletop RPGImplausible Home-brew310NoneNoJoin in for some wacky, silly, and downright preposterous game-play. With very little pre-planned, this game is liable to take all kinds of twists and turns not even the GM is expecting! With a colorful (and totally original) cast of characters, jump into a medieval(?) landscape and adventure! Classes include: Knight, Guy With Coconuts , Minstrel, Wench and maybe something else, who knows?