Slot 4 – Saturday 3:30 – 7:30 pm

Game StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperience NeededPregensGame Description
OPEN323Love Loses... Or Does it?MariaDeRenzoTabletop RPGParanoia58NoneYesA Paranoia/Werewolf hybrid game, your job as troubleshooters is to hunt down a dangerous new mutuant and its supporters, before it turns all of Alpha Complex to its side
OPEN256Just DanceJenniferKrawiecVideo GameNintendo Wii420NoneNoLet's play Just Dance! Grab a remote and start moving, or, just dance along without one! (If you're not a big dancer, feel free to sing along instead! lyrics will be on screen) A game for everyone to come in and have fun. Feel free to come in at any time during the given time period.
OPEN232Let's Write a FanficWilliamCorsiOther220NoneNoThey say that enough monkeys with typewriters can write Shakespeare so let's see how many nerds it takes in one room to write a fanfic. We'll all get together to write a fanfic as a group and then possibly submit to a fanfiction website. Hope to see you all there!
OPEN211Classic Battletech Trial of PositionBobDeLongMiniaturesClassic Battletech26SomeYesA great warrior has fallen, and a new Star Colonel has to be found for Alpha Galaxy. Will you have the skill and ability to fight in the Grand Melee, besting all your other fellow challengers, for the title of Star Colonel of Alpha Galaxy, and assure that your gifttake will be used to make the next generation of great clan warriors? Be forewarned, Level 1 honor rules will be in effect for this challenge. May the best warrior bring honor to the clan!
OPEN225Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Deathmatch!!JamesKesslerVideo GameNintendo Switch412NoneNoCome test your strategic prowess in a series of fun, friendly battles! This tournament will test your skills as a tactician, with the lightheartedness of Mario and the WTFness of Rabbids! Come on down and have some fun.
FULL208Secret HitlerPrestonCantyBoard Game/Card Game510NoneNoSecret Hitler is a game of deduction similar to werewolf. Players are separated into two groups (Liberals and fascists) and must have all their policies passed to win over the others. However the players are not aware of who's on their team, creating a race to find out who can be trusted. With the addition of one special player (the secret Hitler, who can win the game for the fascists by winning elections or being killed for the liberals) creates more tension and fun.
OPEN210The MetaGameTiffanyBaezLARPD&D48SomeYesYou are low-level adventurers, essentially help for hire, and have just been hired to do your first real, serious, relatively well-paying job. You know the drill. Kill the things and save the town. Woo. You're at ARCON, playing in a game run by some guy from out of the area. You just want to have a good time and play some D&D, as do the other people at your table. But things aren't that simple. All of you have secrets from your past, and secret identities. Not everyone is necessarily human, or necessarily innocent. And some of you might be connected in strange and unexpected ways. This game is sort of like roleplay inception. You roleplay as roleplayers. Have fun~ (This game has two modules. The one played will be based on the number of players in attendance. Please only sign up for this if you intend to stay for the full slot, as complications arise when people unexpectedly need to leave early.)
FULL322Princess Bride RPG TrialBrianRichardsonTabletop RPGFudge25SomeYesDo you love the Princess Bride movie? Well Toy Vault currently has a Kickstarter up for a RPG in the world of the movie. While the game is not currently available there is a trial version of the game that they have up. There will be pre-made characters in a pre-made campaign to test this game.
FULL306BEE RPGCameronDrummondTabletop RPGBeeeeeeeeeeeeees36NoneYesJoin your fellow Bees on a quest to further your rebeellious revolt upon the BEE Council; during this quest, you must investigate the 6 members of the council that represents your own homes. Crimes, mystery, combat, and BUZZING; all of which you will undergo whilst playing
FULLAtriumDoctor Who: Time Clash (and other timey-wimey games!)KagaSzyszkowskiBoard Game/Card Game24NoneNoDoctor Who: Time Clash is a card game that I bought at Running GAGG and haven't gotten the chance to test out yet. In this game, two teams represent the Doctor and the Daleks (respectively) and fight against each other to decide the fate of the universe itself. I tried reading the rulebook and got very confused (also, the rules apparently change halfway through the game). I suppose it just wouldn't be Doctor Who if the rules weren't confusing and inconsistent. In any case, I'm looking forward to trying this game out, and I will ALSO be bringing "Doctor Who: The Card Game" (which I ran at Arcon last year; it was also confusingly fun), as well as Doctor Who: Trivial Pursuit and possibly even Doctor Who: Clue, and we'll spend this slot playing as many Doctor Who games as we have time for. No prior knowledge of the show is needed to play most of these games (Trivial Pursuit being the only exception), so it's bound to be a fun adventure in time and space even for casual fans! Alons-y!!
FULL231Wrestravaganza IIIPete
Tabletop RPGWorld-Wide Wrestling RPG36NoneYesWorld-Wide Wrestling RPG is a narrative game of pro-wrestling action. You play as classic wrestling archetypes battling it out for the gold. The stories might be scripted but the action is real! The players play out their wrestlers as they participate in these segments, but they have agency to pursue their own agendas and "swerve" what Creative has in mind. Pre-generated characters will be provided.