Slot 7 – Sunday 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Game StatusRoomName of EventFirst NameLast NameType of EventSystemMinMaxExperiencePregensGame Description
OPENAtriumDark Souls THE BOARD GAMEAndrewBankerBoard GameDark Souls24NoneNoThose who have played Dark Souls know how hard it is. Well this is equally as hard with pre-made Scenarios or we could create our own path to fight a main boss and mini bosses. The game does take time to play if need be you can drop in and out of the game.
OPEN306Jeopardy: Geek EditionWilliamCorsiOther112ModerateWhat does gold kryptonite do? What are the two special bosses in Final Fantasy 7 named after gemstones? Who created The Legend of Zelda series? If you know the answer to these questions then you might have a great chance of winning this special pop culture edition of Jeopardy. Test your knowledge of comics, video games, and movies against your peers or a chance to win fabulous prizes!
OPEN210Millieum BladesBrianRichardsonCard Game25NoneYesThis is a game about competitive deck building. You get a limited pool of cards, and then you tinker them into the most unfairly over-powered, table-flippingly broken deck that you can imagine. And your deck had better be pretty crazy, because your opponents won't be giving any quarter, and they all have unique collections with access to their own high-tier power cards. In addition to deckbuilding, you'll be speculating on blind pack buys, selling and buying cards on the aftermarket, and fusing your cards to make rarer and better ones to get an advantage over the competition. You might even make a few friends, if you're willing to help them out.
OPEN208Murder Mystery Double-Feature in SPAAAAAACEKagaSzyszkowskiBoard GameClue26NoneNoAre you a fan of the classic board game, Clue? OR are you a fan of sci-fi shows like Doctor Who and Firefly? Would you like to play Clue in SPACE with your favorite Doctor Who and Firefly characters?? WELL NOW YOU CAN, with this double-feature game that features not just one, but TWO novelty-editions of Clue. And these versions of Clue even have SPECIAL RULES that set them apart from the original version of the game, so you can expect more than just Clue with a Doctor Who/Firefly skin. If you've never played Clue before, it's pretty easy to learn, so feel free to give this game a try if you consider yourself a fan of either of these great sci-fi shows!!
OPEN211Pony MarathonJessBurgosOtherNone220NoneNo"My Little Pony" marathon and general hanging out. Some plushies and figures will also be present for the marathon.
OPEN225The 2nd Goldeneye TournamentScottCharetteVideo GameNintendo 6438NoneThe second annual tournament in everybody's favorite old school first person shooter. Battle it out to see who really deserves their license to kill!... or at least see who can spam the slapper botton the most.
FULL231Pokemon RPG ChynnaSmithTabletop RPGHomebrewed26NoneYesEveryone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take; a destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination, exists a magical place where wondrous creatures with incredible powers make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon! Play as a random generated Pokemon and go on a journey that you will never forget. Choose your own moveset and battle alongside your friends to defeat strong enemies. Come face to face with mystical Pokemon. And meet new Pokemon along the way. So join me, in an adventure of a lifetime!
FULL232Save Dr. PorterJustinCarollTabletop RPGEclipse Phase 1st edition46NoneYesAn eclipse phase adventure featuring a pace station and grand planetary environments. The mission to find a kidnapped scientist and eliminate the kidnappers. If you want to build your own character, contact me at my email: