Arcon XVII

Arcon XVII Staff

These staff members will be present during the convention if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact us by e-mail at arcon.oswego [at]

Archdeadon: Alex DeSacia
Makes creative and executive decisions about the convention. Appoints all staff positions not tied to the executive board. Assigns tasks to staff, and handles any legwork which is not delegated to others. Oversees and coordinates staff to ensure everyone follows through on assigned tasks and communicates adequately.

Admin Deacon: Pete Sterpe
Responsible for game submissions, event scheduling, pre-registration, setting up the front desk, keeping records, and organizing other various administrative tasks.

Alumni Deacon: Scott Charette
Liases between active students and alumni. Offers advice, experience, and skills as needed. Encourages attendance from alumni.

E-Gaming Deacon: Chynna Smith
Organizes the 24-Hour E-Gaming room and coordinates e-gaming tournaments.

Events Deacon: Brett Frain
Coordinates registering Arcon's room reservations and needs with the campus and the Student Assocation.

Finance Deacon:  William McCarrick
Places purchase orders, creates a budget, orders swag & T-shirts.

Graphics Deacon: Bri Krause
Creates graphics for the logo, t-shirt, swag, packet, and event flyers.

Operations Deacon: Jake Koropshinsky
Coordinates volunteers to help run the convention, getting equipment needed for rooms and events, setting up guest wi-fi, arranging parking, and is in charge of helping organize setup and takedown.

Photography Deacon: Hope Arkazana
Responsible for making sure photos are taken of the convention and any special events that happen over the weekend.

PR Deacon: Sarah Bailey
Distributes posters and oversees any other advertising ventures. Communicates and coordinates with any gaming organisations and conventions which may be interested in cross-promotion.

Vendor Deacon: Zach Diamond
Makes all necessary arrangements to secure attendance and meet needs of vendors and special guests. Primary liaison between Arcon staff and said parties.